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L’Oréal Paris takes you through 100 years of hairstyle history from finger curls to afros to today’s styles. See how L’Oréal’s been through it all including the birth of hairspray. The 20’s saw women’s hairstyles that were soft and high. Then in the 30’s finger curls rolled through the decade. In the 40’s the first aerosol spray was created during WWII to spray the troops with insect repellent to prevent malaria. The 50’s birthed the term “hairspray” as well as L’Oréal USA as Cosmair, short for cosmetics for hair. Nationally in the 60’s, hairsprays outsold lipsticks. The 70’s were marked by statement afros. In the 80’s L’Oréal invented the first styling mousse “free hold style mousse” at the same time the modern curling iron was invented. Back in the 90’s the flat iron made it’s debut and L’Oréal’s studio line made waves. Today no matter the style, L’Oréal Paris keeps it on trend.

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